A distinctive approach based on systematic analysis, experience and integrity


High-performance culture

Our business is built on partnership and trust. We have created an integrated, highly disciplined and analytical team with a shared history, extensive network of contacts and broad commercial experience in a range of industries.

Since 1998, we have been combining with external partners - management teams, vendors and advisers - to create a model where managers can successfully build value in their businesses.

Alignment of interests

The team members at Pacific Equity Partners are themselves investors in PEP Funds, ensuring an alignment of interests and a commitment to delivering returns.

Supportive management approach

Pacific Equity Partners has a resource-intensive approach to evaluating investment opportunities - analysing a company's financial performance in the context of its market position, industry dynamics and competition.

Our knowledge base and experience in the market allows us to quickly provide timely support and work effectively with management teams as they develop and implement business plans.

We provide advice and assistance to our portfolio companies on acquisitions, capital restructuring, growth plans which leverage competitive advantage, and strategies for improving operating earnings.

Integrity and consistency

Our approach to investment evaluation is based on core principles and rigorous, analytically driven decision-making. With a large team of in-house resources and experienced deal principals on the ground, we provide an efficient and reliable interface with vendors and their advisers. 

A key PEP operating principle is that management participate in a meaningful way in the wealth created by operating companies.