Good citizenship and commitment to using our personal skills and resources
to the betterment of society is fundamental to our culture


We take the view that charitable contribution is a vital part of the healthy and proper functioning of any organisation but that how this is expressed is a matter of personal conscience. Individual professionals are encouraged to give generously of their time and resources outside the workplace.

PEP offers a Workplace Giving Program for employees to donate to charities of their choice from their pre-tax pay, which provides an efficient model for both donors and their recipient charitable organisations.

Responsible Investing

PEP supports the work of our industry to promote the highest standards for ethical investing and improved transparency. PEP has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) since 2012.

Read PEP's Responsible Investing Policy

Transparency and disclosure

We want our investors, operating companies, employees, and all parties with whom we do business to know we strive to work in a responsible and ethical way.  Integrity and professionalism are principal components of the way we seek to do business.

A commitment to giving personal time and resources

Kinds of projects to which the team have contributed: the establishment of the first and largest domestic payroll giving agency in Australia and the subsequent rollout of that model; contribution to a breakthrough analysis to improve organ transplant effectiveness in Australia; important research on how to tackle obesity; service on numerous charitable boards and projects; and investing in and advising social ventures.