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Current Portfolio

Energy Developments

Renewable energy


Type of transaction: Public/Control
Date of acquisition: January 2010

An international provider of distributed power generation with operations in Australia, US and Europe. EDL provides renewable, low greenhouse gas emissions energy and remote energy solutions for its customers.  The company generates electricity, carbon abatement certificates and green credits, and provides related services at 83 projects globally, with a total generation capacity of 883 MW. 

In the financial year ended 30 June 2014, EDL's worldwide operations produced approximately 3.8 million MWh of energy, enough to power over 600,000 homes. 

EDL's landfill gas (LFG) power stations around the world, and waste coal mine gas (WCMG) power stations in Australia abated and avoided approximately 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to removing 3.5 million cars from the road.

Distributed power generation and abatement

EDL is the leading provider of LFG and WCMG power generation and abatement in Australia.  LFG is primarily methane from decomposing organic matter and must be managed by landfills for environmental protection.  WCMG is also a source of methane, which must be extracted during coal mining operations for safety.  Methane is a greenhouse gas with 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.  Methane can be abated and beneficially utilised through combustion in the power generation process.

  • LFG:  EDL owns and operates 262 MW of power generation utilising LFG at 40 landfill sites in 4 countries.
  • WCMG:  In Australia, EDL owns 248 MW of power generation capacity utilising WCMG and operates a 5 MW ventilation air methane project.

Remote Energy:

EDL owns and/or operates 368 MW of remote energy power generation projects, a 200 tonne per day natural gas liquefaction plant and CNG processing facility in remote Australia.  These 33 projects are located throughout the mainland states of Australia, making EDL the largest independent remote energy producer in Australia operating in the sub 100 MW market.  EDL uses a range of fuel sources including natural gas, LNG, CNG and diesel.

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American Stock Transfer and Trust Company

Stock transfer agent and related services


Type of transaction: Private Vendor
Date of acquisition: May 2008

American Stock Transfer and Trust Company (AST) is a US stock transfer agent. Founded in 1971, AST has grown to be the largest stock transfer agent in the United States by number of corporate issuers.

AST's unique, customer-driven approach to the provision of comprehensive transfer agency services has seen it consistently achieve the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. Its operations, located predominantly in Brooklyn, are world-class in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

AST's corporate services include:

  • Stock transfer agency services;
  • Trustee services for debentures, tender agent, exchange agent and escheatment;
  • Equity compensation plan administration;
  • Dividend reinvestment plan administration; and
  • Proxy services. 
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Smoke detection and video security


Type of transaction: Corporate Carve-Out
Date of acquisition: February 2006

Xtralis is a leader in very early warning smoke detection and alarm systems, voice alarm and interactive video security solutions, which protect business critical assets across the world. The company operates a global network of companies. Brands include:

VESDA: Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems. The market leader in early warning smoke detection, VESDA products - such as its renowned air sampling smoke detectors - are used in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, IT&T, utilities and storage services.

ADPRO: Video Security Systems and Solutions. Sophisticated digital video security systems and solutions based on the highest quality standards and latest technology. With advanced integration capabilities and an acute understanding of operational efficiencies, ADPRO offers seamless security solutions.

Xtralis products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide and has an operation in China which it acquired in 2012.

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Pinnacle Bakery & Integrated Ingredients

Baked Goods Manufacturer


Type of transaction: Corporate Multinational Carve-out
Acquisition date: May 2015

Pinnacle manufactures and distributes:

  • Finished baked goods such as muffins, cakes, donuts, slices and profiteroles;
  • Frozen and unbaked specialty products including pastries, cookies, scones, sausage rolls, bagels and pastry shells; and
  • Fillings and ingredients such as bakery mixes, jams and fondants

Pinnacle has a leading position in the local baked products and bakery ingredients market, with 3,500 customers throughout Australasia, and is a major supplier to supermarkets, food service and bakery retailers.

Pinnacle is the only manufacturer with full product and channel capability on a national basis, providing a strong competitive advantage and an excellent platform for growth. The business is currently investing in upgrading its manufacturing facilities and capabilities, resulting in the most modern and flexible plant in Australia.

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