Our commitment to responsible investing commences prior to acquisition where we evaluate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Throughout our ownership, we work with our portfolio companies to deliver results supported by strong ESG practices.

Since 2012, we have been integrating responsible investment practices into our process and we continue to do so in a way which delivers value to our investors. 

Our evolving approach to ESG

PEP’s inaugural ESG report explores our approach to responsible investing and how our environmental, social and governance policies impact both the risks and opportunities of our investments. Supported by case studies, the report details our distinctive approach, reflects on our actions and learnings, while defining our future priorities.

At a portfolio level, the report highlights PEP’s key areas of focus:

  • Decarbonisation and carbon reporting
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Safety and Security, including cybersecurity.


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Our Commitment

PEP takes environmental, social and governance factors into account throughout its investment activities and supports the efforts of our industry to promote the highest standards for ethical investing and improved transparency.

Since 2012 we have been a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI). By endorsing the Principles, we, as investors, publicly pledge to embrace and put them into practice, in a manner that is in line with our fiduciary obligations, and as an integral part of our primary objective to deliver exceptional returns to our investors. We are of the opinion that upholding these principles will enhance our capacity to fulfill our commitments to our clients while also aligning our investment endeavours more closely with the wider societal interests.

We invite you to read our own Responsible Investing Policy. This policy defines our RI guiding principles, our ESG governance framework, the foundational ESG topics for PEP, and the sensitive and excluded sectors within our investment universe. It also outlines how we incorporate our responsible investing approach throughout the entire investment lifecycle of all our investments, encompassing investment decision-making, portfolio company stewardship, and divestment.

Pacific Equity Partners measures its carbon footprint and voluntarily purchases offsets to neutralise its carbon emissions.  PEP has been doing this, along with implementing initiatives directed towards reducing its scope 1 and 2 emissions, since FY20. We are conscious of our business operations impact on the environment and are determined to work towards reducing our carbon footprint. For details, please read our Public Disclosure Statement.

Pacific Equity Partners strives to ensure all our people have an equal opportunity to contribute and thrive. Please see our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement.

ESG topics factored into our investment decisions

  • Environmental – such as climate change, energy management, natural resources use, water & Wastewater management, biodiversity and ecological impacts and waste & Hazardous materials.
  • Social – such as diversity, equity & inclusion, employees health & safety, human rights & Community relations, product quality & safety and customer welfare.
  • Governance – such as cybersecurity, modern slavery, business ethics, risk management and management of the legal & regulatory environment.

Transparency and disclosure

We want our investors, operating companies, employees, and all parties with whom we do business to know we strive to work in a responsible and ethical way. Integrity and professionalism are principal components of the way we seek to do business.

Supporting good citizenship

We believe that charitable contribution is essential to the functioning of any organisation, but we also believe that how that contribution is expressed as a matter of personal conscience. We encourage our team to give generously of their time and resources outside of the workplace in the ways that suit them best.

Our supportive initiatives include:

  • A Workplace Giving Program that empowers employees to donate to their preferred charities from their pre-tax pay. It is an efficient model for both donors and recipients.
    • PEP employees currently support over 26 charitable organisations via Workplace Giving. A few of these are shown here
    • Several of our portfolio companies also offer workplace giving programs with input from their employees.
  • Encouraging giving of personal time and resources. Our team have contributed to projects that have included:
    • establishing Australia’s first and largest domestic payroll giving agency
    • analysis that improved organ transplant effectiveness
    • important research on tackling obesity – service on numerous charitable boards and projects
    • investing in and advising social ventures.